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The Vow


The Vow

Healthy, long-term relationships are built on the foundation of self. Self-analysis, self-knowledge, and self-love. Love can only be projected when it has been cultivated within. Some time ago I made a vow to myself. This vow will serve as a reminder to me as I embark on the path towards true love and partnership.

I vow to treat myself with the utmost kindness. I will not beat myself up. I will comfort myself as I would comfort others who are vulnerable, hurting or in need.

I vow to embrace my authentic self. I will live without fear of others judgments of my actions and choices. I will let go of self-consciousness.

I vow to love, cherish and honor myself above all else. I will only participate in relationships where there is an equal exchange of energy. I will not allow dishonor or disrespect. I will take care of me first.

In your search for love be sure to create your own vows. What is your promise to yourself?

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