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The Enemy

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The Enemy

I’ve seen it all my life. This general malaise that seems to walk with family & friends. It is ever present. Accompanying men, women and children on their life journeys. For most it becomes an incurable dis-ease, one that will be with them until death. Others manage to shake it.

This often unshakable, overwhelming and powerful energy can rob us of drive, will and the sheer force needed to fulfill dreams. The energy I speak of, I know well. It is my foe. A formidable opponent that has become my greatest enemy. One that I am determined to defeat.

The energy I speak of is one of confusion. It manifests as self-doubt, indecision, apathy and fear. It breeds hopelessness, pity parties and the like. It fosters stagnation. Decision making becomes too heavy a cross to bare.

This energy, though palpable and fluid is one of stillness. It causes its victims to feel and subsequently believe that they are stuck.

I see this energy in my peers and loved ones, I see it in me. I am determined to break free of this confusion ——>stagnation. In order to live my purpose this energy must be starved to the point of death.

When it shows up and begins to rattle off all of my past failures, I will hush it. When it erupts as anger I will acknowledge and release it. When it invites me to a pity party I will politely decline.

In order to live beyond the limitations of habitual-detrimental thought/behavioral patterns, I face this energy.

I face it, I muster all my will and do the work necessary to banish it.

  1. Acknowledge it
  2. Shine the light of recognition on it – I see you
  3. Stop it dead in its tracks
  4. Repeat until the energy is rendered powerless

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