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Ancient Love


Ancient Love

His & Hers is a love that runs deep

It’s an Isis & Osiris type of love

A love that has been built over eons

A love that has come again and again

For even when they arrived in different skins, the love remained

When he was her father and she was his mother

When she was his husband and he was her wife

They loved on

A love that lives beyond death

A love that will cycle unhindered, as long as time and space exist

They’ve loved and loved and loved

They’ll love and love and love

She wills to love him

He wills to love her

Theirs is love, unending

They’ve danced the dance of love

Felt the pangs of heartache

Cried tears of joy

She’s held him when he could find no remorse

He’s held her when lives became unbearable

A love that is tested, destroyed and reborn repeatedly

Fears shattered

Lessons learned

In past incarnations, he’s indulged in her.

In past incarnations, she’s been in awe of him

They return and return and return in love

until destiny is fulfilled and the next realm awaits


Day Dream Alston


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