High Mind / Life / Poetry

On Being…


Copyright Day Dream Alston & Alyssa Rapp

Copyright: Day Dream Alston & Alyssa Rapp



independent thought

the sun shines

on my liberty

self created journeys

confusion, chaos and love

the earth exists


I dine in the dim light of a 1/4 moon

indulging in that

which sustains

creative stimulation is my food

critical thought and intellectual conversation

feed me

I walk on hallowed ground

looking into the eyes of those with hallowed souls

insects take flight

the trees beckon

revealing their very essence to me

I bow in gratitude

all the while

detaching from confinement

spiritual/egoic refinement

human still

anger, curse words and fights

imperfect until the point of transition

reflecting you in the mirror of my eyes

analyzing thought patters

gyrating wildly to a beat

jealously, judgement, arousal

laughing until tears fall

holographic images dance before me

people, places and things

projections of spiritual occurrences

I smile, cry and drown in a sea of sorrow

I jump, splash and experience occasional euphoria

color on the brink of my imagination

feathers, clouds, the blue of the sky

inhale, exhale repeatedly

choosing in each moment my state of mind


as water flows

and earth’s fruit grows

as wind cascades through city blocks

and eternal fires burn the temporal

seeking, finding, accepting

brow chakra truth

purposeful living

and then the light of the earth rises again


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