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The Importance of Sisterhood

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It took me several years to realize how important and powerful it is.

I do not have the pleasure of having any blood sisters. I am the only female that my beloved mother gave birth to. But that matters not because I am gifted with spirit sisters. Women who lift me up when I am in the depths of despair. Women who laugh, whisper and twirl with me when the mood dictates.

I can’t believe I went so long without this connection. I can’t believe I went so long believing that it was easier or more pleasant to be friends with males. Poppycock! I need my spirit sisters like I need water or air.

I need to sit with them in circles. I need to feel their embraces. I need to share with them the thoughts that lurk in the shadow of my psyche.

There are few bonds stronger than sisterhood. The strength, nurturing, love and power found in a circle of women is unmatched. Don’t believe me? Sit among a group of free, spiritually evolved women and see for yourself.

Today I sit in gratitude for my spirit sisters and the life they give 🙂


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