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We’re All Lovers…

“We’re all lovers, and we’re all destroyers. We’re all frightened and at the same time we all want terribly to trust. This is part of our struggle. We have to help what is most beautiful to emerge in us and to divert the powers of darkness and violence. I must learn to be able to say, ‘This is my fragility. I must learn about it and use it in a constructive way.’ Then when we are in difficult situations where negative feelings come up, we learn to govern and manage them.” Jean Vanier

There is incredible power and transformation in Self Reflection.

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2 thoughts on “We’re All Lovers…

  1. What a beautiful quote! I think that when we cease diverting the darkness and willingly explore and embrace our whole selves including the purpose for the aspect of darkness within us, then the struggle comes to a halt. Operating daily in the balance of the two by allowing the light and the dark to surface as necessary and be utilized for our higher purpose brings about an inner peace that is unmatched.

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