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The Spiritual Significance of Pain



The word alone conjures fear. Pain may manifest itself physically or emotionally. A lover may say something that causes emotional pain. You pull a muscle and physical pain follows. At times, emotional pain may trigger physical pain and vice versa.

No matter how we try to avoid it, pain is an inevitable experience. I am of the belief that everything has a purpose. Even pain. Everything has spiritual significance. Everything we see, hear and feel is spiritual and exists in pure form outside of this time and space.

Pain is spiritual. It is a signal that the opportunity for refinement is present. Pain is opportunity knocking at your door.

The metal iron can be found in a number of modern products. Iron can be found in cars, bridges, buildings etc. But before iron makes it into these products it must be refined. It starts off as a slab of rock (iron ore) that is heated until the chemicals in the ore begin to break down.

Heating and hammering refine iron so that it may be used in our tools and technology. The heating and hammering are an equivalent of the pain we encounter from time to time. It is this pain, both physical and emotional that provides refinement.

Pain is a catalyst for growth. Physical pain is a clue that there may be illness in the body. Knowing something is wrong provides the opportunity for healing. Emotional pain is a clue that the stimulus is in opposition to the spirit. Being aware of this opposition provides the opportunity for healing.

Let pain heal you.

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