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Ifa found me…


Ifa found me

Ifa found me battered and bruised

My head still spinning from trauma

Unable to shake the pain loose

Battling feelings of unworthiness

Seeking but never able to find bliss

Ifa found me

Crying uncontrollably

Lost within myself

Blind to my personal stash of wealth

Ifa found me


Calling out to Sango

Watching lightning dance outside my window

Ifa found me

And brought my ancestors along to see

The jewel their toil produced

They rejoiced and proceeded to guide me

Ifa found me

Taught me the word “Mojuba”

Paying homage to Orisha

Flying through dream realms with Yansa

Ifa found me

Restored my strength

Taught me the importance of good character

Renewed my confidence

Ifa found me and

Esu opened my roads

Obatala’s peace covered me like white robes

Ogun took up his machete and removed my obstacles

Osun sweetened life

Yemaya nurtured my being

Olokun unlocked my subconscious…

Ifa found me

Ifa found me

Ifa found me

And I am grateful



3 thoughts on “Ifa found me…

  1. This is an interesting poem, u’m Day, this is Charles J. Lee, is your poem about finding your origins whom you came from as a human being? Including, are all these pictures of heritage as well?

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