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A Man’s Weakness?


Guys, I have a secret to tell you. It is with great concern that I share this with you. You see, there is a force being used to undermine your intelligence daily. They use this force to sell you products, to distract you, and to deter you from finding and fulfilling your destiny. The force I speak of is sex.

Men are intrigued by sex. It is a motivator and destructive force in the lives of many men and women alike. Though, men’s desire for sexual stimulation is played upon more than women’s. In advertising men are bombarded with sexual imagery. The use of Axe body spray will attract women and result in sexual intercourse. If you use a certain deodorant, sex will happen. If your car is expensive enough vagina will fall from the sky and into your lap. You get my gist.

Sex is thrown at you from many angles. Let us not forget strip clubs and prostitution. If that isn’t enough you can now view sex on demand with internet porn. The enticement of sex is strategically used against you guys. It is used to block you; to keep you stuck in desire. For if one is stuck in desire, cultivating spirit is of no importance. The puppeteers behind the media are not alone in this conspiring. Some Women are to blame as well.

I know this does not apply to every man.  However, for those who struggle with overwhelming thoughts of sex I pray you find release. Do not allow desire of any kind to stunt your growth.

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One thought on “A Man’s Weakness?

  1. I would say as a man who is a virgin, yes. But as a man, I throw a lot of caution to wind as well, because there also unwanted sexually transmitted disease. We’ve allowed this entered our daily minds. But to not allow it to happen as men, we turn it off to use of sex from entering our minds to affect relationships as well.

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