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Men, We Need You!

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Complain all you want about men but one thing we have to give them credit for is how hard they work. (Disclaimer: Please note that I am talking about Men, not boys.)

 When a man decides on a career, it is the beginning of something quite special. His career becomes his focus. He tends to it like a child, giving it the love, dedication and care it will need to thrive. He gives it nothing less than his best, putting in extra hours, keeping up with trends, attending training’s etc. A man eats, breathes and sleeps his work.

 It has occurred to me that if men put this much effort into forming and maintaining relationships (with good women) we might see more solid, healthy unions. Perhaps the divorce rate would decline and more children would be raised in two parent households. Women are generally taught to nurture their relationships. We attend conferences, read books and even exercise our Va Jay Jays just to keep our men happy. Yet, most men only work on relationships when they are being poked & prodded by women.

 Fellas, we need you… We need you to show up… and when you do show up… we need you to work as hard for our relationships as you do for your careers.


Reflection: Is it unrealistic to ask that men make relationships a priority? Would relationships be more stable if men approach them the way they approach their careers? Men, what would it take for you to put that type of effort into your relationships?




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One thought on “Men, We Need You!

  1. As I male who just graduated with bachelor and starring my career as a temp worker. Yes, I’m valuable towards keeping a union of a healthy relationship, but over worked less time would significant other can lead to problems. The state of African-American male is valuable towards pursuit and of obtainable goals in fulfilling a relationship as well.

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