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I See Dead People



Courtesy of Wikipedia.com

Courtesy of Wikipedia.com


I don’t remember much from my childhood. Yet, I do have vivid memories of waking up in the middle of the night frightened and running to fetch my dad. Without resistance he would get up, walk me back to my room and sit with me until I fell asleep.

Recently I have been revisiting these memories. You see, even as an adult I’ve struggled with what seemed to be an unreasonable fear of the dark. It is not so unreasonable when I consider its source. I see spirit. On numerous occasions I have found myself face to face with the unexplained. Full blown apparitions have appeared to me. Men, women, children, shadow figures, light figures etc. These beings only come at night. Most of the time they just stand there, other times they make gestures or move their mouths as if trying to speak. I will not lie, it is a frightening ordeal.

I wasn’t sure if these experiences were real at first. But after repeated occurrences I have come to accept that this is REAL. Spirit is REAL. There are spiritual realms that exist alongside ours and I have the distinct pleasure of being visited by their inhabitants. I do not know why this is happening. I do not know why they choose to reveal themselves to me. Hopefully in time I will understand. In the meantime I will try to face these beings without fear. I know this will not be easy, but I will try.

Perhaps, even as a child, I would awake to find souls standing before me. That’s probably why I was always running to my dad. This may seem unreal to some readers. But this is my reality. Spirit is reality.



*I pay homage to the Spiritual Teachers that are guiding me through these experiences*


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