Lipstick Stains



Sitting here; lipstick stains smeared on napkins

Wondering if I’ll ever be enough

Pretty Enough

Thick Enough

Sexy Enough

Lipstick stains smeared on the rims of coffee cups

The comparisons you make between me and her and her never cease

She makes more money than me

I make more sense than her

That one owns a house

This one possesses superior intellect

Lipstick stains on collarbones

Pondering which of your options you’ll choose to call home

Patterns repeat

Doomed to relive one relationship again and again

Choosing the same woman with a different face

Lipstick stains on wet towelettes

Wiping away the pain

Bare faced

Bare soul


Incomparable and no longer an option

No longer at your whim

Lipstick stains on a piece of crisp white paper

Addressed to you

Saying goodbye



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