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American Deception

There is something that has been on my heart lately and I must share it with you. It concerns the media, specifically the news media.

Ebola, Ukraine, Mike Brown, Israel/Palestine, and Eric Garner have been the focus of much news coverage in the past weeks. Most people watch, read or listen to the news daily. We rely on the press to keep us informed about what’s happening around the country and throughout the world. We rely on the press to provide us with accurate information. But should we rely on them? Can we rely on them to tell the complete and unbiased truth. My answer to both these questions is “NO”.

The media, news and otherwise is being used to elicit specific emotional responses and behaviors. It isn’t called programming for no reason. It is my contention that the news is used to shape public opinion and bring about certain events. The killing of Eric Garner, Mike Brown and the young man from St. Louis at the hands of (white) law enforcement is “news” for a reason. I believe these stories are being used to breed divisiveness and to bring about a particular objective. I will not say what I think the objective is but I implore you to stop, pay close attention and think about what is taking place.

Our news is being constructed. It is being dreamed up, directed and filmed as if coming straight out of a Hollywood studio. I’m sure some news is real. However, I believe lots of it is as fake as our favorite “reality” shows. Do not take my word for it. Discern for yourself. There are numerous accounts of deceit surfacing due to the popularity of the internet and camera phones.

Let us be mindful. Mindful of what information is being fed to us. Mindful of what we accept as truth.



Side Note: As I view the protests in Ferguson & elsewhere I am very proud to see all races standing together against injustice. Conditions improve when we stand in solidarity.




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