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This is a toxic society; we must pray without ceasing. Excellent post by Obara Meji!

Embracing Spirituality


Good day one and all, I have noticed from the other day in my most recent posts I have been writing about goodness and kindness and brotherly and sisterly love and not practicing evil and so on. I felt a little weird about being repetitive on subjects already posted but I also wondered if these postings were also messages, for someone in particular or for many or for even the world. We are living in perilous times, and often times things are brewing, and no one knows, or have even an idea,(at least us the citizens of the world), that we are possibly in danger. The world bosses (not Kartel) may be sitting on a crisis which may impact us all (the world), but as we go bustling about our busy day we have no clue. Something is wrong, messages are coming and we need to be aware. There is…

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