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The Beauty Obsession


Ladies and Gentlemen we spend an inordinate amount of time making sure we look good. Hours are spent in hair salons and barber shops across the country.  A great deal of money is spent on clothing, jewelry and other physical adornments. America is obsessed with beauty. I do not condemn this obsession. I too have an affinity for aesthetically pleasing people, places and things.

In my assessment of this obsession I began to ponder how different things could be if we paid as much attention to the inner self. How would our lives look if we spent as much time cultivating the spirit? How would our relationships feel if we adorned the inner being? My guess is everything would be significantly better. People would enjoy fulfilled and peaceful lives. Lovers, family members and friends would have healthy dealings free of blame and strife. I believe this to be true.

The cultivation of one’s character is of great importance. To insure inner beauty one must spend time in quiet solitude, examining thoughts, behaviors and emotion. To adorn the spirit one must develop a personal spiritual practice. Integrity, acts of kindness, and patience are practices which foster inner attractiveness as well. We pluck, shave and blow dry. We shop for clothing which is flattering to the figure. We follow trends. We invest in keeping up the outer appearance. Let us invest in keeping up the inner appearance.

How many hours a day do you spend on developing the inner self?




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