I experienced a deep sense of shame upon awakening today. Unpleasant memories bubbled to the surface of my consciousness. Occasionally, I am revisited by my poor choices. They show up unannounced and unnerved by my discontent. How could I have made such bad decisions? Why didn’t I have the foresight to see what I was walking into? I am saddened by my lack of discernment.

The spiritual journey I’ve embarked on often takes me deep within myself. Those ugly places people tend to ignore are frequented by me. My spirit won’t allow my denial. And so I am in this space of regret once again. This dark space in which I bombard myself with criticism. I am my greatest foe.

As I come to terms with my pain, darkness and past; I consider the human condition. Each one of us comes into this realm with obstacles that we must overcome. Some of us make a great deal of progress. Others fail and are doomed to repeat the class again. In remembering my obstacles I am being given the opportunity to make better decisions. Each day I have the opportunity to get it right.

Our obstacles have the power to test, refine and grow us. Obstacles help us fulfill our destinies. Obstacles strengthen character.




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