Love (Not-so-Patiently Waiting...)

My Delusion (The Not-so-Patiently Waiting Handbook Bonus Chapter)

My last relationship was rooted in delusion. The individual I was dating consistently showed me he was not in the position to commit to us. His behavior, often contradicted periodic professions of love. He spoke of wanting a wife. His actions told a different story. I stayed in this relationship longer than I should have. I did so because of my delusions. I had unknowingly adopted this belief that somewhere along our path he would become that man… That man capable of sharing his life with me, capable of  sharing the depths of his soul with me, capable of building a strong union with me. He gave me little reason to believe this. Yet, I believed it all the same.

Instead of seeing and accepting who he was at that very moment, I focused on the man that I so desperately wanted him to be. I focused on my wants so much that I ignored reality. I want a man whose goal is to develop and sustain a healthy union. I want a man who’s in the process of transcending this veil of materialism. I want to create an impenetrable family structure with a strong spiritual being. This man, though I loved him in a way that I had not loved before, possessed none of these things. My wants overshadowed the actual man standing before me. He was not the man I wanted. I had only deluded myself into believing that he could be.

Pressing forward I release delusion and embrace truth, even if it hurts.

Reflection: Is delusion a common practice in your love life? Do you sometimes ignore the dispcrepancies between the words & actions of the person you’re dating? Do you ignore intuition in hopes of staying in love? Release delusion.


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