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Perceive Your Perceptions


You and I both read the same poem. You interpret it to mean one thing, I another. Perceptions or understandings of ideas, experiences, etc. vary from person to person. How we perceive things is usually a result of our experiences, education, and beliefs. We; you and I are living breathing filters. Nothing, not one bit of information passes through us untainted. Any and everything I see or hear is filtered through my personal experiences, teachings and belief systems. Only after information is processed in this way will I accept or reject the stimuli. The same goes for you. Perceptions rule our view of the world and everything in it.

This process is natural. Perception is natural. Our time on earth is a practice in perception. People can perceive information in a way that is healthy and uplifting. People can perceive information in a way that is detrimental and depressing. We choose. Becoming aware of our perceptions is key in developing the self. Review your perception of yourself. Review your perception of others. Review your perception of life experiences. Review your perception of life in general. Perceive your perceptions. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Perceive Your Perceptions

  1. Day I enjoyed this piece on perception, I often say,” ones perception is ones reality, how we perceive it is how we believe it.” The aforementioned is a maxim by which I live , as well as, a testament to how we all experience the world in which we live so differently and therefore, we respond and react to stimuli and situations so differently. How we interact with our environment and in relation to those within it is very telling. If one has a fatal or toxic “half empty” world view, more than likely that self defeating, self sabotaging ethos colors one life in a negative way.The inverse is also true of the “half full” scenario, which brings forth and cultivates self -actualization and an optimistic outlook on life.

    • Thanks so much for reading Shawn! I’ve been noticing more and more the differences in people’s perception. Two people can be raised in the very same household, have identical experiences but process said experiences in completely different ways. It is a very interesting phenomena.

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