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Good Vs. Evil


He’s just a good kid…” This statement was made by the grandfather of a 14 year old boy who allegedly open fired on a crowded Brooklyn bus resulting in the death of an innocent hardworking family man. I happen to wholeheartedly disagree with this sympathetic grandpa. A good kid refrains from carrying handguns. Furthermore, a good kid does not indiscriminately fire a gun in public with no concern for the welfare of others. No this is not my idea of a “good kid”.

In life each of us is faced with the option of choosing right or wrong action. At times we choose behaviors that are positive and serve the higher good. Other times we choose behaviors that are detrimental to ourselves and/or others. Each day we choose to do bad or good. As a child I remember watching this struggle play out in cartoons. When faced with a moral dilemma the character would find a little angel in one ear and a little devil in the other. The angel represented good while the devil represented evil. These little representations of the conscience would attempt to convince the character to choose the good or evil agenda. Many if not all of the characters chose to follow the voice of evil.

This is what we find happening in present times. When faced with this choice many are choosing evil. Deception, betrayal and murder have become common place. Evening news stories depict this consistently. The 14 year old boy referenced above (allegedly) chose evil and it cost a man his life. Existence is rife with duality and each day we are forced to choose between good/evil, right/wrong. Which are you choosing?

*Read the full story at http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/woman-shot-head-b15-bus-article-1.1728690*


One thought on “Good Vs. Evil

  1. Definitely not my idea of a good kids! More like a wanna be gangster with no home training. Have A Seat “GRANDPA”!!! Smh

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