What a year 2013 has been…

I have learned so much about who I am and the life I live. This year I have experienced poverty, loss, and heartbreak. Yet, I would not trade these moments for anything in the world. As a result of these hardships I have gained freedom. I am free of self imposed limitations, lack of self worth and powerlessness. I see myself without the distortion of rose colored glasses. I am not as pretty as I thought 🙂 I see how past trauma has contributed to negative thought and behavioral patterns. I observe how I respond to stimuli such as fear, anger and jealousy. My dreams have been yet another tool in this years schooling. Revealing past mistakes and future gifts.

I anticipate more hardship but I also anticipate that my path will become lighter and easier to navigate due to this new found knowledge. In 2014 I WILL be strong, I WILL be decisive, I WILL have faith in myself and my abilities, I WILL value & love myself as I do others, and I WILL continue to reference Spirit as my one and true guide.

With Love, I Pray You All Have An Exquisite New Year 🙂


*What will you be/do in 2014?*


One thought on “2014

  1. As always you are progressively trending with your posting. You speak on things I hope your followers utilizes in their daily lives. I for one in 2014 I decided to be satisfied with my life and my station within it in addition to testing the bind of that restraint. Being goal oriented I make plans, the bigger the better. Although things doesn’t always work as I would like I rather try and fail rather ever try at all.

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