The First 48 & Parental Responsibility


I hate the show The First 48. I hate it because it shows the disproportionate rate at which young Black men murder other young Black men. Now I could delve into the historical implications behind this behavior but I won’t. I’m going straight to the present source… Neglectful parents.

Dear parents of these severely misguided youth, YOU SUCK! Your poor parenting is the cause of this horrendous cycle.

Buying your sons brand name clothing doesn’t help them become healthy individuals. Neither does allowing them to roam the streets or do whatever they want. Providing food, clothing and shelter while neglecting all other aspects of their development isn’t good parenting.

You have accepted the grave responsibility of developing the mind, body and spirit of another human being. Fathers stop running out on your son’s and give them the tools needed to be good men. Mothers stop coddling and simultaneously degrading your boys. They deserve better. Make sure they are going to school. School them on life when they get home. Turn off the T.V./cellphone and listen to them. Don’t let them stay out all night. Be sure to meet their friends.

Boys raised by television, video games and the streets become lying uncaring sociopaths. Don’t believe me, just watch The First 48.

Kudos to the parents who take the time out to truly raise their boys so that they can become healthy men…


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