The Twerk Revolution



As a teenager I began my tutelage in waist, hip and booty movement. I would allow the music (mostly bass laden reggae) to enter my being and draw out my sensuality. After about 20 years of practice I must admit I have gotten damn good at it. Back then it wasn’t called twerkin’; we innocently referred to it as Wining. And this Wining only took place at parties away from the disapproving glare of adults.

Fast forward to today and twerkin’ is everywhere. You can find baby girls doing it at street festivals, young women doing it for scholarship money, and even grandma’s are getting in on the action. Just google grandma’s twerkin’ and you’ll see what I mean, Yuck!

At first I thought all of this was kinda of funny. Just another trend spreading like wildfire across our nation. Yet, lately it’s become disturbing. Yesterday I attended an outdoor concert in Brooklyn. Brooooooooklyn!  The first act I came across was one that incorporated twerkin’ from beginning to end. Three beautiful bootylicious Black women twerked like it were going out of style. Butt cheeks and hair flying here and there. As I returned home I tuned in to MTV’s Music Video Awards just in time to see Lady Gaga’s ass and shortly thereafter Miley’s. Miley’s was also backed by twerkin’ Black beauties.

Do you see the pattern ladies and gentlemen? More and more women are portraying themselves as objects of visual and sexual pleasure. It is obvious that in our severely debased culture sex sells but are we as women selling our souls? Twerkin’ is no longer a fad, it is becoming a way of life for women hence youtube’s Twerk Team. What started as a sexually enticing dance done strictly behind close doors and in strip clubs is now on blast for the world and for our children to see. 

I enjoy a good twerk every now and then. But am feeling like this is getting out of hand. Readers, do you think twerkin’ is an innocent fad or is it a sign of a morally deprived culture?


2 thoughts on “The Twerk Revolution

  1. In Jamaica we called what now known as twerking as wineung, or bubbling, I use to see everyone doing it in Jamaica, when I came to America I asked the American s girls if when they dance they wined, lol, they asked me what was that, I tried to show them but they did not know what it was, they asked me if it was switching, I gave up, so frighten to see the way we dance in Jamaica catch on, better late than never, lol

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