P*ssy Adoration




It’s the vessel through which life emerges

It’s praised, revered and even feared

It’s the cause of pleasure

It’s the cause of angst

It’s used as a marketing tool

It’s P*ssy

P*ssy is such a powerful and undeniable force in American culture. How could a simple body part command so much reverence and attention? The birth canal has become nothing more than a symbol of sexual pleasure. This symbol is used to sell goods and distract consumers. You may find this symbol of pleasure & lust almost everywhere. On television, the internet, billboards…

The p*ssy and its sexual function is held in high regard by the masses. Women often use it as a means of control and power. While men often use it for release and escape. P*ssy adoration has created a culture in which women are viewed as walking, talking p*ssy’s whose sole purpose is sexual pleasure. In my travels I have met plenty of men who view me in this way. I don’t appreciate it but I do understand it. The media’s presentation of p*ssy and its subsequent adoration causes men and women to perceive this life-giving vessel as nothing more than something to be exploited.

I choose to be adored for my character and not for the pleasure that my birth canal can provide.

P*ssy   Character Adoration


3 thoughts on “P*ssy Adoration

  1. Well, hopefully, you have both character and pussy, and so can be adored twice over. Remember, there are around four billion pussies on this planet, so arguably quite common. Character is much rarer.

    • It already does IMHO. The problem is the macho bullshit is so irksome that it seems a much larger issue than it really is. Like a toothache: it’s not life-threatening, but it might make you wish you were dead.

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