Don’t Miss Your Moment…


I had just left the hospital. Watching my friend’s health deteriorate was enough to move me to tears. I decided to walk the mile long trek home. Brownstone lined blocks. Families. People walking their dogs. Life can be so unfair. A young woman who has done nothing but love others is slowly approaching her finish line.

In spite of the sadness that accompanied me out of the building, a different feeling began to come over me. Perhaps it was the warmth of the sun’s rays, the crystal clear blue sky, or the billowy clouds. Perhaps this feeling was brought on by the light summer breeze caressing my skin. The feeling was happiness. As I walked home I experienced a simple moment. One that conjured contentment.

Walking, enjoying the sun, cherishing the breeze. Happiness is not a continuous occurrence, it is a series of moments. Moments that can be missed if we are not paying attention.

Don’t miss your moment…


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