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Jay Z Blue Review

There is something missing in the Black Community… It is something that makes it virtually impossible…for our culture to thrive.

Artist/Poet/Griot Jay Z is overwhelmingly candid about this issue on his new song Jay Z Blue. How does one learn how to be a man, a father, or a lover/husband without proper examples? Without a father? Without the proverbial village?

There is a rift between our men and women; and I believe this is a result of chattel slavery and its subsequent psychological remnants. In turn we have failed relationships and absent fathers.

Jay Z Blue shares the perspective of a man who is overcome by fear. Fear that he won’t be a good father, fear that his marriage will fail, fear that his absentee father’s demons will become his own. And his fear is warranted in a culture where marriage rates are on the decline and divorce rates continue to climb.

Jay Z grew up in Marcy Projects. I grew up in Red Hook Projects. Yet we both witnessed a culture where Black men and women would come together just long enough to produce offspring. What usually followed this conception was drama, anger and separation. Jay vocalizes that he doesn’t want to repeat this cycle and to be honest neither do I.

The truth is we NEED strong unions in order to raise strong and healthy children. Boys need the presence of their fathers and other men to teach them how to develop into healthy adults. While girls need their moms and others to demonstrate what it means to be a woman.

How do we, the descendants of the amazing African race begin to repair our relations with one another? How do Black men and women develop the tools to be and stay together? What are we currently doing that is undermining our relations? What can we do to ensure the survival of our unions?

Answering these questions is a matter of life and death. Many of our children won’t survive unless we make it a point to do so.

I salute Jay for his transparency on this amazing album and for calling attention to this problem.

Jay Z Blue Quotes:

Only hugged the block, I thought my daddy didn’t love me

…Prayin that things don’t get ugly, and I’m stuck in that old cycle like wife leaves hubby

Fuck Joint Custody, I need a joint right now, just the thought alone fucks with me

I done been through so much trauma, gonna be hard to reverse it, with some doctors and some nurses maybe.

Father never taught me how to be a father, treat a mother…I don’t wanna have to just repeat another leave another…baby with no daddy want no mama drama


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