Corners (Part 2)

She could no longer contain her fear. Shalamar took off into the darkness directionless but aware of the presence of others. She had only taken a few steps when she felt the grip of multiple hands all over her body. “Nooooooooo” Shalamar shrieked struggling to break free. Hands grazed her face, clenched her arms and restrained her feet. “Why do you fight us?” the voice questioned perplexed. “We are your kin”. The voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere all at once. “Let me go. I’m not your kin…I just want to go home” Shalamar sobbed. Through her tears she began to notice a faint light in the distance. It appeared to be moving towards her almost as if it were walking. She attempted again and again to loosen the grip which had her bound. The light got closer with each breath she laboriously took. Within the light she noticed the outline of a face smiling serenely. In an instant the hands released her and the light was upon her. The face was no longer smiling but had become a grotesque snarl. It let out a relentless howl revealing sharp animal like teeth. Shalamar opened her mouth to scream but fainted instead…

Birds chirped. The sun’s rays danced throughout the room. Shalamar opened her eyes. Her face felt abnormally cold. She realized was lying on the floor, in the curious corner she had noticed the night before. Memories of her frightening ordeal came to mind. She jumped up and scanned the room. Everything appeared to be normal.

“Shalamarrrr” the voice bellowed. Shalamar stood in the corner in complete disbelief. “This can’t be happening” she said, her mouth gaping. The voice was no longer audible, it was coming from inside her head.


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