Love (Not-so-Patiently Waiting...)

Love is all that exists…

Something in my soul says it’ll be a while before I connect with my Mr. Right. Something flawless and perceptible knows that… I am not ready…

Old wounds, forgotten and recalled are at the forefront of this battle. My unshakable belief in the unavoidable link between pain and love. (FYI, I try to avoid pain at all costs.) Yet, I could not fathom one without knowledge of the other.

As I get closer to him, I see… I perceive my hesitation, my fear of losing control, of letting go and letting the inevitable wash over me.The inevitable being the occasional unpleasantness and dis-ease. The acceptance of his flaws and mine. The compromise, communication and periodic loss. In this we will refine one another. Something in my indelible soul knows of this deep seated phobia I possess and knows that I must let it go to be with him…

Mantra: Resistance is futile… Love is all that exists


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