?Question Everything?


I’m in this phase where I am questioning everything. My beliefs, desires, and needs are all up for discussion and debate. We come into this life as malleable as the finest clay. Our beliefs about ourselves, others, and life are molded by outside forces. Our desires are dictated to us by the media and a plethora of advertisers. As a child commercials enticed me with visuals of Barbie dolls and accompanying accessories. As a result I desired them. Even the things we think we need are often dictated to us. We are told we need college degrees (although they are barely any help in this economy) homes and cars.

If it wasn’t for this conditioning what would I believe about myself, life, and the purpose of human existence? What work, relationship status, and possessions would I find myself naturally drawn to or desire? If not for media and cultural socialization would I care about things like romance or my biological clock?

As children we are soil…

Our parents, community, extended family, government, culture(both ethnic and national)…plant the seeds which become beliefs, thoughts, ideas, desires.

As adults we have the capacity to become free thinking individuals who disregard what’s been embedded…

And determine for ourselves what we believe, think, deem important and desire.

Free thought is where I reside now. I’ll continue to sift through the soil and pull up any weeds that are not in line with my true self.


2 thoughts on “?Question Everything?

  1. To question is to exist on a plane with the living.

    We accept way to easily the thoughts and beliefs of others without finding out the true legitimacy and worth of what’s being given. Do we think that our thoughts and views aren’t of great worth, so we accept? Or is it that we’re just to lazy to use our own minds? And in accepting another’s position, that may have been founded ages ago, does that make us their puppet? Who’s living, them our us? Sometimes I feel totally robbed, because we don’t step out and explore. We don’t defline life for ourselves and in doing so, somenone else’s horizons of life aren’t expanded.

    For the past couple of years I’ve been questioning my belief in God, from what I’ve read, experienced and what I see in the earth. Many don’t like and discourage such paths, but I personally know that it’s an honorable one. I’m pretty confident the creator doesn’t want a drone. In the journey I’ve found that there seems to be no answers, but only a piling of more and more questions. Everything I thought I knew and understood is stripped away…and I’m happier now knowing nothing then the time when I thought I did. The creator’s existence is the only thing I’m sure of.

    To no not question is to be dead.

    Dope post, looking forward to more

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