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Stay in Love


There’s this thing I struggle with

I am unsure of its origin

and I can’t pinpoint exactly when it began

Yet, it is with me each moment

of each day

It permeates my entire being

It is ever present and habitual

It is FEAR

Its very existence leads to the existence of

negativity, worry, depression, anxiety, apathy, complacency…

FEAR has been my companion for as long as I can remember

Always there

In times of peace

In times of turmoil

In my ear reminding me of all that could go wrong

Bringing to mind a flood of unfavorable circumstances

Though I’ve given FEAR this power over me

I’ve recently determined it isn’t real

In actuality it is an illusion

a form of pseudo reality that I’ve accepted and allowed to be

Presently, I consciously and decisively choose LOVE instead of FEAR

Whenever it rears its ugly albeit familiar head

and begins to plant an unworthy, untrue thought

I remember to

Stay in LOVE


2 thoughts on “Stay in Love

  1. absolutely. the only advice i know how to give my daughter. the fear is the brain getting stuck. like a stick-shift locked in second when you’re trying to get on the freeway. each time you feel it dragging, refocus your mind on something you do love. change what you are doing. anyway, that’s one of the keys behind cognitive behavioral therapy. check it out if you have time. it’s done wonders for many w/ panic and depression, etc. much love. always.

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