My Birthday Blues…


I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself…

For weeks I had been trying to decide how I wanted to celebrate my 33rd birthday. I thought of having a party, going out to dinner, or buying myself something special. But non of those would suffice. I had another idea. One which involved sun, sand, and a bikini.

Traveling is one of those things I enjoy thoroughly but don’t get to enjoy often. Vacation packages are pricey especially for those who attempt to venture out on their own. So though I wanted to celebrate the big 33 with an excursion I knew it would take a miracle to make it happen. And along came my miracle. A friend of mine was going to the Caribbean for a family affair and invited me to join her. The only major cost incurred would be the flight.

I was thrilled. My birthday wish had been granted.

Or had it?

I was packed and ready to bask in the warmth of the sun. I would find out only hours later that because of an impending blizzard our flight (and those for the next few days) had been canceled. I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment. Just when I thought I had caught a break… I hadn’t.

Additionally, a few days after learning that the trip was canceled I became sick. Boo Hoo Hoo… What a sob story right? A few years ago a series of unfortunate events such as these would’ve sent me reeling into a sea of self pity. I would’ve wondered why I undergo such hardship. Why unfavorable things seemed to happen to me more than some other people? Fast forward to today and though I experienced disappointment and even sadness I didn’t indulge those feelings for too long. I had no control over when and how that blizzard arrived. I had no control over the canceling of flights. I had no control over my getting sick. However, I do control my responses to even the suckiest of situations.

So in this moment I recognize and appreciate my growth as an individual. I may not be taking a trip to celebrate my initiation into my 33rd year. Yet I am going in stronger and have become more capable of taking life’s bumps and bruises all in stride.



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