Life / Love (Not-so-Patiently Waiting...)

Baby Mama Drama***

How often do you hear stories of love affairs that go completely wrong? One moment (and I do mean moment) two people are completely in love. They are always together and can not be pried apart. All they think, speak and dream of is one another. Things get hot and heavy pretty fast, the butterflies flutter in their stomachs, they begin to make plans for the future…here comes a bundle of joy, a beautiful baby girl or boy.

And then…things fall apart. The relationship and love ends as abruptly as it began. There is anger, fighting, and the occasional emotional outburst. In between all that is a sweet child who did not choose to come into such dysfunction. This scenario is not as uncommon as one may think. It occurs in hoods and suburbs across america. We live in a culture where people are not equipped to truly love and grow with one another. We live in a culture where everything is expendable and can be replaced as soon as dissatisfaction occurs. We live in a culture where we RARELY take the time out to check ourselves and see how we are contributing to our own demise.

Most often when you hear someone complain of baby mama/daddy drama there is a focus on what the other did wrong or how messed up they are psychologically. This is what leads to the failure of relationships, lack of self awareness. We take time out for everything but introspection. It’s time to stop focusing on the “other” and his/her issues and focus on ones self. What baggage, issues, or unrealistic expectations are YOU bringing into relationships? If each of us took the time to identify and eradicate these barriers the divorce rate would decline and ALL our relationships would improve.

We all have our mess and it’s our responsibility to clean it up.

*Check Yourself*


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