What makes you smile, giddy, and writhe with joy? What makes you laugh until you cry, dance, and jump up and down with elation? What makes your heart skip a beat? What makes you so excited you can barely contain yourself? What makes you want to scream from the mountaintops? What makes you look forward to your experience here on earth? What inspires you, draws you, lifts you up when you’re down? What makes you feel free? What’s in your heart? What’s in your eternal spirit?

Whatever it is…Do it.

We are taught to follow a prescribed path. This path involves schooling (standardized testing), working and acquiring things. It is time to move away from the old. It no longer works. It is broken and we are jaded. Use the shift that is taking place to explore a new path. One in which the truly important aspects of life outweigh everything else. Spirit, Love and Evolution are those aspects.

It’s time.


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